Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to the Al Ain Golf Club

The members of the Al Ain Golf Club would like to offer you a unique experience in Al Ain.  The first and only sand Golf Club in the Al Ain area.  We have a well maintained 18 hole golf course and flood lit driving range.  You don't need to be a member to play golf here, but you'll save a lot of money and give us much needed support if you decide to sign up.  Our membership rates are very modest and you can sign up from September 1st until the following end of August.  If you come late to Al Ain, we offer discounts depending on the month you sign up after the new year.  What you save while being a member more than covers the cost of signing up.  We offer much more than golf though.

The Al Ain Golf Club has been around a long time.  We have a great group of member and we've really grown a lot these last couple of years.  We're not done yet though and we'd like to welcome new members and your enthusiasm to our little club at the edge of the desert.

We have the first and only sand golf course in Al Ain - 18 great holes of desert golfing.  In the past we've had an Open Invitational every year and we're aiming for one again this November 2013.  We have a flood lit driving range and a climate controlled club house when the heat gets to be just a bit too much.  Inside the club we offer a large screen television for sporting events, regulation sized snooker table and some of the nicest people you'd care to meet in Al Ain.  Outside we've built a large playground for the kids, not to mention a huge area where they can run around and be safe and secure.  Close enough to know they're there, but far enough away to not drive us nuts.

Our outdoor seating area

Cooking facilities include the only outdoor wood fired pizza oven in Al Ain.  We routinely host BBQ's the on the Last Thursday of the Month.  We have the cooking facilities in place to make your private party a unique event in Al Ain.  We have a pizza night at least once every month were you bring all your own supplies and we'll cook your pizza for you.  Recently we have excelled at hosting parties for children.  It's a great place where the kids entertain themselves and the adults entertain each other.  Our state of the art sound system can play from your iPod or we can help arrange live entertainment from our House Band.

The new grass and playground
We want to provide you with an alternative golfing venue and a truly rare social experience where you can relax in our natural environment and experience a quiet peaceful time.  We're a retro club that keeps an eye toward a green feel even though we're on the edge of the desert.  We recycle, we reuse and we make do with what we have.  If you have a great sense of humour and like interesting people from all walks of life, this might be the place for you.  We encourage both families and singles to come out and experience what we have to offer.  Check out the rest of our blog for more information.  If you want to contact us directly, our email is at the bottom of the page.

See you at the GC!
Come and check out the Club.  You may like what you see.  If you do, sign up and welcome to the family.

Your family is welcome at the GC!

Members of our family

Club Booking policies:
Booking fees are paid in advance (in full) and are non refundable.
Day Party: 200 aed for Members (Non-Members pay 350 aed).  1300-1800 Hrs.
Night Party: 200 aed for Members (Non-Members pay 700 aed) 1800-2400 Hrs.

Parties that run after designated time are subjected to 100 aed/hr additional charge.

1500 aed advanced deposit is required by Non-Member Night Party bookings - as per the booking agreement.
During all bookings when the BBQ or Pizza oven is used, customers are to be charged 45 AED for each bag of charcoal used.
NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES ARE TOLERATED.  Violators are subject to a club ban as per the managements discretion.

Normal Membership Rates: Until the end of August 2012.

Full Membership Rates (All golfing and voting rights)
Single – 1200
Single with UGA – 1450
Family  - 1800
Family with UGS – 2100
Social Membership Rates (No voting rights)
Single – 600
Family – 900

Be sure to bring two passport photos if you'd like to purchase your yearly membership. Family membership includes couples with or without children.  Adults that act like children are subject to adult rates - you know who you are.

Hours of operation:
Sunday – Closed
Monday – Saturday – 1300-2000hrs
If staff is required to stay after 2000hrs, remaining customers will pay an additional 50 aed (total group cost) for staff overtime.

Location:  24°11'51.83"N     55°50'42.21"E
Directions: Turn RIGHT at your second R/A past the Danat Hotel (Old Intercontinental Hotel) R/A on the East side of Al Ain.  Then, take your first left on a gravel drive way that cuts through a concrete berm.  The Building is white with blue trim.

Club House Phone Number: 03 768 6808

Abey's Cell: 050 330 8586

Contact us at: for upcoming events and booking information.

We'll call you a cab if you need one.

Location Map

Over the last couple of years we've tried to improve the club in many ways.  In an effort to promote our community spirit we've focused on doing things that bring people together.  What better way to do that than with food!  We've built a BBQ and Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven.  All of our building has been on a volunteer basis and that only adds an extra level of community spirit that we love to see.

Abey and Eddy helping build the Pizza Oven

Our first fire

 Our playground for the children has been a welcomed addition to the GC.  Ben du Toit built this wonderful structure for all the kids to enjoy.

Mixing cement for the playground

Under construction
The completed playground
We are always looking for ways to improve the GC.  If you have an idea that you'd like to see through to fruition, tell us about it, but more importantly - donate your time and expertise to make it happen.