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A great place to have your private party
 We are unique in Al Ain in that we have an established facility on the East end of town with all the amenities and lots of room to roam around, all in a friendly and private setting.

We're all young at heart
The GC has always been a great place to host a party.  For a very modest fee you can pretty much have the run of the place.  Recently we've really been the best place in Al Ain to host parties for children.  Last year we built a playground for the kids.  We've had lots of people whine at the golf club, but it's usually not from the children.  Aside from the playground, there's lots of room for the little ones to run around and get their energy spent.  Our facilities allow for a safe and friendly environment for your children to do what they do best - just be themselves.  Four out of five children rate the GC as the bestest place is Al Ain to act like a little animal.

 It's also the only place in Al Ain where the adults can book an exclusive private party.  Rates are reasonable (even better if you're a member) and we supply all the necessary staff to make your event memorable and hassle free.  We have a state of the art (c. 1966) sound system and if you fancy yourself musically gifted you can prove it at the GC.  When you book the club for a private function you not only get the privacy you require, you get access to all our cooking facilities - a BBQ big enough to easily feed 40+ people and the only outdoor wood fired pizza oven in town.  In the past we've hosted wedding receptions, children's birthday parties, 40th birthday parties, open houses, band nights and just about anything else you can imagine.  Where else can you feel like you're having a party at home without the bother of cleaning up after yourself?  Only here, and we welcome you anytime.

"I wish I was a member!"

Kids love the GC.  A big playground and lots of room to run around.  It's great to have a place to have a party and if you use the pizza oven it opens a whole new experience for a day they'll remember.

Contact us at: for upcoming events and booking information.

Two more satisfied customers

Club Booking policies:
Booking fees are paid in advance (in full) and are non refundable.
Night time Party(During hours 1800-2400)
Non-Members: 700 AED
Members: 500 AED
Daytime Party (During hours 1300-1800hrs): 250 AED Members 500AED Non-Members
When Non-Member parties take place, a sign with “Private Function – By invitation only” will be placed on each gate and the club will be at the exclusive use of the booking party.
During all bookings when the BBQ or Pizza oven is used, customers are to be charged 45 AED for each bag of charcoal used at the clubs expense.
There are additional fees for parties of over 100 people and/or parties that require extra hours. Please ask for written details.

Two more happy customers

These ladies know how to throw a party.


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  2. I would like to book an area to host a birthday party for my daughter March 3rd. She will turn 1 years old. WOULD like access to a grill.
    Please contact me 056 209 1017 or

    Douglas Barringer

  3. this prices, I can bring any number from 10 to 100? over 100 pax i need to pay extra?