Pizza Night

UPDATE  Now enjoy pizza night EVERY Thursday up to and including June 20th.2013.
Pizza nights are going to be on a fixed date - the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Our cooking area and outdoor seating
Many of you are new to the Golf Club and how we conduct our Pizza Nights.  It's pretty simple.  Anyone can pick up the phone and get a pizza delivered here in Al Ain.  What you usually get is a preservative filled base and toppings that are less than fresh.  It might barely satisfy your needs and rarely are you left feeling like you've just had a great pizza.  We want to change that for you.

Our pizza oven in action

  The best way to get a great pizza is to make it yourself.  Take a little time before hand and make your own dough, prepare your own fresh sauce and of course, come with your own fresh toppings.  We have all the rest: A preheated wood fired pizza oven, all the serving and preparation trays and of course dozens of opinionated experts to assist your pizza cooking experience.  It's really not that much work, it just takes a bit of planning.

Nothing like a wood fired pizza

We've included some links below that give you some recipes on how to make your own bases.  It's not as tough as it looks and it should only take about 30 minutes or so.  You can use anything you want for your sauce, but it isn't too much trouble to make your own either.  The rest of the toppings are just what you'd like to try out.  Everyone has been making their own, and we've seen a nice variety of taste and style...that's what it's all about - celebrating our diversity and ingenuity.  When it comes to topping the pizza up, less is more.  A moderately thick base and not too many toppings make it easier to get the pizza in and out of the oven in once piece.  We can cook it for you, but after a couple of times standing around and watching us do it, you'll want to grab the peel and have a go yourself.
Our First Pizza

We have had lots of people making really great pizzas the last couple of times we've had the oven fired up.  We encourage everyone to come out and show us your style.  There's usually enough that we can share our favorites.  Bring the kids too, we're running out of cool weather, so the playground is a great reason to get them out while you still can.

Pizza dough:

Pizza Sauce:

We'll have the oven ready for around dark, though you may have to wait around and have a couple of drinks just to make sure it's hot enough.

We've cooked the odd turkey even.

As always, bring your friends and family...everyone is always welcome.

See you on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Contact us at: for upcoming events and booking information.

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