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T. Rowdy Sewell - Chef Extraordiaire

My Boo's;

Feel like Eat'n high on the hog?  Fixin' for a taste of Southern Louisiana seafood fare?  Then pass by the GC on Friday April 13th for our first annual Cajun Cookout.  Brought to you by T. Rowdy Sewell and T. Bob Cito - regional culinary experts!  I swaney!  I'm a go'a tell it now, you won't want to miss this one.

Due to the nature of our menu, it is absolutely imperative that you RSVP by no later than the morning of April 10th with the number of people you'll be bringing.  If you're accurate with your numbers that'll ensure there's enough food for everyone, but not so much that we have to eat shrimp and potatoes the whole next week.

Starting around 1400 on Friday April 13th the GC will be hosting a rustic feast for your pleasure. 

Menu to include, but not limited to Fresh Blue Crab, Fresh Large Prawns, Boiled Corn and tasty Potatoes.  Bring your own flat bread or rolls if you like.  We'll have homemade seafood sauce and garlic butter.  The first cook off will be ready around 1700, but the chef's will keep cooking until you all get full or we run out of crustaceans. 

It promises to be an afternoon you won't want to miss - truly unique for Al Ain.  Of course the playground is all set for your kids and there'll be plenty of entertainment for the adults too.  Cajun music, cooking and hospitality from a couple of genuine Southerners.  The GC endeavours to expand your cultural experience once again.

We'll have the grill on as well if you'd like to bring something for your kids or would like to join us but want to eat something that normally resides above sea level.

Tell your friends, tell your family.  We'd love to see you all out at the GC.  Forward this email to anyone you'd like to share the day with.

RSVP is a must and we need reliable numbers by no later than the morning of April 10th.  Reply to this email please.

Don't make us jerk a knot in you.  Make sure you RSVP by the 10th and get your brood out the the GC while the sun's still shining and the food is fresh.

Footwear is optional

Contact us at: for upcoming events and booking information.

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