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We have been supporting old traditions at the Al Ain Golf Club for a long time now.  Every once in awhile we're able to offer something new that becomes a tradition of it's own.  In the last year we've been having our Last Thursday of the Month Braai/BBQ on a regular basis.  Sometimes it's fairly intimate, other times there's a quite a crowd.  For the new members or the old members that haven't been out in some time we'll just remind you of how we do it.

Old, friends.

We're very laid back.  Very. 
Before sunset on the last Thursday of every month we fire up our stone grill.  The club supplies the charcoal, music, venue and excuse for all of you to come and join us for a friendly community meal.  You supply the steak and we supple the sizzle.  Join us for a sun downer and let the kids run wild on the playground.  The Al Ain Golf Club is all about promoting the fellowship of mankind.  You, your friends and your family are always welcome at the GC.  It's a very relaxed evening and you won't break your budget if you join us for some good stories.  There's always someone in the crowd who'll regale you with a story or two and we really like it when someone shows up who can entertain us as well. There are no shortage of characters that frequent the GC, you might be the next one.

The Last Thursday of the Month Braai/BBQ is a set monthly event.  It's as simple as showing up with what you'd like to cook and then sit back and enjoy the evening.  GC Members enjoy discounts on beverages as well as our appreciation for supporting the Club on a long term basis.  You don't need to be a member to enjoy the club, but it's cheaper and your support is always encouraged.

The usual suspects

We always remind people of upcoming events via our email. 

See at the GC!

You bring the grub and help support the Club. 

Contact us at: for upcoming events and booking information.

A smile on St. Patrick Day

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